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A big HUZZAH to Karel for starting this! What a very good idea!

Okay so at the moment I am having a fight with Kandi, Adam's supposed girlfriend. I could use some help... Here is our conversation thus far...

XxXLoLLiRoT 666- Kandi
xpoetic devicex- Me

XxXLoLLiRoT 666: didn't i tell you not to IM him
xpoetic devicex: do you really think i care what you say?
xpoetic devicex: who are you to tell me what to do and what not to do
XxXLoLLiRoT 666: i don't care if you care leave my boyfriend alone.
XxXLoLLiRoT 666: he doesnt like you he is laughing at you on the phone with me right now, he doesnt ever want to talk to you
xpoetic devicex: iamscarface777: this whole situation is fucked
xpoetic devicex: yeah it is now isnt it?
XxXLoLLiRoT 666: its because you are obsessed with him and he could care less about you
xpoetic devicex: no i am really not at all thanks
xpoetic devicex: we are friends
XxXLoLLiRoT 666: yea ok thats why you said you were going to try and break us up lame....
XxXLoLLiRoT 666: well he isnt your friend anymore get over it
xpoetic devicex: i never tried to break you two up? how did i try to do that? do you have ANY proof at all or are you just running your mouth?
XxXLoLLiRoT 666: Well from what I hear you wanted to not like you could though
xpoetic devicex: wow... you need to get your story straight
XxXLoLLiRoT 666: wow you need to stop being pathetic and leave him alone.
XxXLoLLiRoT 666: hes blocking you.
XxXLoLLiRoT 666: he doesnt want anything to do with you
xpoetic devicex: im not going to leave him alone.. are you retarted or something? he and i are friends... duh..
XxXLoLLiRoT 666: umm as far as he's concerned he isnt your friend.
xpoetic devicex: think what ever you'd like to think.
XxXLoLLiRoT 666: ok then i think your fat
xpoetic devicex: :-D thanks... im happy you think that. well i think you look like a goddamn goth poser.. oooh shaved eyebrows are so gawth!!!! shouldnt you be a tt hot topic or something? buying a poetry book and then going to slit your wrists.
XxXLoLLiRoT 666: i dont have shaved eyebrows. and i hate poetry and people that cut
XxXLoLLiRoT 666: and im not goth never thought that at least im not a raver poser.
xpoetic devicex: im not either... why are you?
XxXLoLLiRoT 666: yea ok
xpoetic devicex: you have no idea about how many parties i go to and where i stand in the rave scene now do you?
XxXLoLLiRoT 666: and im happy i don't
xpoetic devicex: same here... i dont usually associate with whores anyway.
XxXLoLLiRoT 666: oh yea im a huge whore..lemme tell you
XxXLoLLiRoT 666: wow lame you have a friend IM him
xpoetic devicex: who?
XxXLoLLiRoT 666: i dunno he just got an IM
xpoetic devicex: he says he doesnt know...
XxXLoLLiRoT 666: stop talking to him
xpoetic devicex: make me
XxXLoLLiRoT 666: dont tempt me
xpoetic devicex: oh please.. what would you do to me? i could crush you sweetie.
XxXLoLLiRoT 666: yea chubby
xpoetic devicex: haha, atleast im not ugly darlin
XxXLoLLiRoT 666: hahaha thats not what everyone says sweetie
xpoetic devicex: well you are
xpoetic devicex: wicked bad.. sorry but its true
xpoetic devicex: i should know. ima model
XxXLoLLiRoT 666: hahaha yea and i doubt youve ever been in a beauty pagent sorry sweetie I have and i came in the top five so i know im not ugly
xpoetic devicex: well... quite the contrary... ive been to atleast 14 i believe... including the IMTA.. ive modeled for quite a few places and get paid nicely for it... see.. you dont know me and what i do for a living... im going places.. i dont stick to and leech off of others for love and acceptance.
XxXLoLLiRoT 666: yes i leech off people thats why i have a good paying job and many modeling jobs..
xpoetic devicex: so do i... but are you a professional model? i dont think so.
XxXLoLLiRoT 666: oh well darling shows how much you know then.
xpoetic devicex: oh please... let me see your comp cards... do you even know what those are?
XxXLoLLiRoT 666: ok you know what this is so lame...i don't want to fight with you over this is retarded
xpoetic devicex: yeah like you
xpoetic devicex: you wont win
XxXLoLLiRoT 666: just leave him alone and me as well
xpoetic devicex: i'll get adam... you see.. atleast i know how to pleasure him.
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